Year: 2003 Source: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, v.107, no.6, (June 2003), p.441-448 SIEC No: 20080779

A total of 670 patients with established psychotic illness were interviewed using a battery of instruments including a screen for co-morbid personality disorder. The prevalence of attempted & completed suicide was measured over the next 2 years using multiple data sources. Logistic regression was used to examine whether those with co-morbid personality disorder were at greater risk of suicidal behaviour compared with others. 186 patients were rated as having a co-morbid personality disorder. After adjusting for all covariates, these patients were significantly more likely to attempt or die by suicide over the 2-year period. It is concluded early assessment of personality status should be part of the routine assessment of all psychiatric patients. (35 refs)