Year: 2008 Source: Archives of Suicide Research, v.12, no.2, (2008), p.155-160 SIEC No: 20080691

To determine suicide rates, the authors carried out an analysis of suicide reports from six cities in Pakistan. Rates vary from 0.43/100,000 in Peshawar to 2.86/100,000 in Rawalpindi. Rates for men are consistently higher than women; highest rates for men were 7.06/100,000 between the ages 20-40 years in Larkana, Sindh province. Given the legal, socio-cultural, & religious stigma of suicides in Pakistan, the authors believes these figures to be an underestimate. There is urgent need for a standard system of recording of suicides in Pakistan so that true rates can be determined. Such a determination will help in informing policy & monitoring effectiveness of suicide prevention programs. (24 refs.)