Year: 1988 Source: The Journal of Applied Gerontology, v.7, no.2, (June 1988), p.248-259 SIEC No: 20070729

Hong Kong’s present population is estimated at about 5.5 million; the number of people aged 60 and over is estimated to be 640,000 in mid-1986 (11.5% of the population). Industrialization and urbanization have been increasing rapidly over the past 30 years. Although responsible for Hong Kong’s prosperity, they also have their negative effects such as the rapid increase of suicide among older persons. The results of a study examining the sociodemographic aspects of elderly suicide in Hong Kong from 1983 to 1986 are presented here. I used a secondary data analysis approach to trace back all reported elderly suicide cases within those years. After analysis, seven major recommendations are suggested to intervene and prevent future suicides of the elderly in Hong Kong.