Year: 2006 Source: American Journal of Psychiatry, v.163, no.7, (July 2006), p.1226-1232 SIEC No: 20070460

This study examined whether suicide ideation in a community population of 346 adolescents represented normative adolescent angst or was predictive of psychopathology, suicidal & problem behaviours, & compromised functioning 15 years after onset. Adolescents with suicide ideation at age 15 were compared to those without. At age 30, there were marked differences between the groups. Subjects with suicide ideation among both genders had higher levels of psychopathology, suicide ideation & behaviour, & problem behaviours at age 30. Findings indicate the importance of considering suicide ideation in adolescence as a marker of severe distress & a predictor of compromised functioning. (43 refs.)