Year: 2005 Source: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, v.39, no.1-2, (2005), p.95-100 SIEC No: 20070369

This study examined further suicide attempts & mortality in the 10 years after a suicide attempt requiring hospital admission. Participants were a consecutive series of 3690 individuals admitted to Christchurch Hospital for attempted suicide during 1993-2002. Within 10 years, 28.1% of those who had been admitted for an index suicide attempt were readmitted for a further nonfatal suicide attempt & 4.6% had died by suicide. Risks & rates of readmission were higher in females, those under 55, & those whose index attempt involved a method of low lethality. Risks & rates of readmission & mortality from suicide were highest in the first 2 years after the index attempt. (23 refs.)