Year: 2007 Source: Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, v.41, no.4, (2007), p.359-365 SIEC No: 20070338

Age-standardized rates of suicide for men aged 15-44 were calculated for District Health Boards & in deprivation quintiles for the periods 1980-1982, 1985-1987, 1990-1992, 1995-1997, & 1999-2001. Geographical inequality was measured by calculating the ratio of the suicide rate deprivation quintile 5 to quintile 1. Age-standardized rates of suicide increased in all but two of the District Health Boards between 1980-2001. The ratio of inequality in suicide between the least deprived & most deprived areas of New Zealand rose from 1.68 in 1980-1982 to a high of 1.94 in 1990-1992, followed by a small reduction to 1.86 by the end of the study period. (50 refs.)