Year: 2006 Source: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, v.67, no.1, (January 2006), p.48-55 SIEC No: 20061019

Of the first 2000 participants followed for 18 months in the Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder, 425 experienced a prospectively observed, new-onset major depressive episode without initial suicide ideation. Standardized ratings of suicidality & antidepressant exposure at index dperessive episode & next evaluation were used to investigate the hypothesis new-onset suicidality was associated with increased antidepressant exposure. Secondary analysis investigated correlates of new-onset suicidality & antidepressant exposure. 24 participants developed new-onset suicidality at follow-up. This study provided no evidence that increased antidepressant exposure is associated with new-onset suicidality. (47 refs.)