Year: 2005 Source: Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, v.50, no.12, (October 2005), p.762-768 SIEC No: 20060088

Data was taken from the provincial hospital separation database of Newfoundland & Labrador. Outcome measures included incidence rates (IRs) of suicide attempts by age, sex, & geographical region of residence. From 1998-2000, a total of 978 patients who were hospitalized due to suicide attempts, giving an overall IR of 68.7 per 100000 person-years (P-Y). The age-specific rate for people aged 15-19 years was 143.0 per 100000 P-Y. The overall female-to-male ratio was 1.3, with an attempted suicide of 76.1 per 100000 P-Y for female patients & 60.3 per 100000 P-Y for male patients. (LC) (34 refs)