Year: 2003 Source: Evaluation Review, v.27, no.6, (December 2003), p.597-628 SIEC No: 20050236

The aim of this study was to describe & compare the characteristics & needs of substance-abusing women on Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) who enrolled in a multi-service CASAWORKS for Families (CWF) “welfare to work” program, with 2 other relevant groups: women from the general TANF population in the same locales; & a sample of substance-abusing women on TANF who entered standard outpatient substance-abuse treatment programs. Compared to the other 2 sample groups, the CWF sample exhibited multiple serious problems in the areas of substance abuse, victimization, medical & psychiatric health (including suicidality), & basic needs. (27 refs)