Year: 1995 Source: Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, v.40, no.1, (February 1995), p.15-20 SIEC No: 20021315

The purpose of this study was to determine the extent of the association between psychiatric disorders & various social problems. The Diagnostic Interview Schedule was administered to a community sample of 3258 individuals & the association between 8 core psychiatric disorders & 8 social problem behaviours (including attempted suicide) was determined. The results confirmed findings from previous studies that had found a strong relationship between social problem behaviours & mental illness. However, certain disorders tended to be associated with specific problems. A positive association was found between the number of social problems exhibited & the prevalence of psychiatric disorder. Data suggest the presence of a common underlying factor(s) & call into question the practice of creating separate special services for each definable social problem that arises. (27 refs.)