Year: 2001 Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, v.36, no.9, (September 2001), p.429-436 SIEC No: 20020848

The aims of study were to assess the prevalence of suicidal expression in the general population, to compare prevalence over time, to identify risk groups & to examine the evidence regarding the proposition that there is a continuous sequence of suicidal expressions with an underlying gradient of severity. 34% reported some degree of suicidal expression during 1996, compared to 23% in 1986. This was mainly attributed to higher reporting of self-weariness & death-wishes. The total lifetime incidence of suicidal expression was identical in both studies. Higher prevalences of combined suicidal expression during the previous year were reported by women, younger persons, those living alone & women living in urban areas. There were no gender differences in suicidal ideation. (41 refs)