Year: 1988 Source: School Social Work Journal, v.12, no.2, (Spring 1988), p.93-97 SIEC No: 20020597

In West Germany, the school as a site of performance & examination has evidently come up against the limits of the opportunities it offers: its present dysfunction is expressed by school stress, a fear of school, & depression & suicide among pupils. This places demands not only on teachers, but also on social workers, in which the educational capacity of the school is enhanced through social work efforts. The GEW’s statement on the institutionalization of schools juxtaposed 2 models; the cooperative model, implemented by the backers of youth services in conjunction with the school; & the integrational model, in which school social work is conducted in the school by professionals who would be integrated members of the school staff & have the same level of responsibility & rights as other staff. Though both models are conceivable & are currently being implemented, school social work remains a long way from having a solid base in West Germany. (10 refs)