Year: 1999 Source: Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica Supplementum, no.397, (1999), p.70-76 SIEC No: 20020591

In a cross-sectional survey, 10,468 adults of a rural & semi-urban community were interviewed to determine lifetime suicide attempts. The majority of the population were in the age group 25-29 yrs. Lifetime suicide attempt was reported by 3.2% of the study population. Of these, 63% were women. The most frequent age of attempt was between 15-24 yrs & the frequency of attempt decreased with increasing age. Hanging & poisoning were the most frequently reported methods. Marital or family conflict was the most frequent cause. Men used hanging more than women. People who currently had mental distress & problem drinking reported lifetime suicide attempt more often than others. (35 refs)