Year: 2002 Source: Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, v.26, no.3, (April 2002), p.451-456 SIEC No: 20020452

Examined the impact of phytotherapy (Pt; traditional herbs) on neuropsychiatric aspects of HIV disease progression to antibody immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), CD4 counts, & viral load in 105 adult patients in Zimbabwe. The overall prevalence of psychiatric disorders at the baseline was 44.8% & by the end of the 6 mo follow-up was 36%. The relative risks of psychiatric diagnoses were less in patients on PT, including the diagnoses of depression, than those on conventional therapy. Mean levels of a reported symptom of suicidal thoughts were lowest in patients on PT than those on conventional therapy. (24 refs)