Year: 1998 Source: Journal of Adolescence, v.21, no.4, (August 1998), p.397-405 SIEC No: 20020231

The psychometric properties & validity of the Reasons for Living Inventory were examined in a sample of 253 psychiatrically hospitalized adolescents, aged 13-18 years, identified as suicide ideators, suicide attempters, & psychiatric controls. Confirmatory factor analysis suggested the original inventory factors did not provide a good fit; exploratory factor analysis identified 5 factors, of which 3 were identical with the original Reasons for Living inventory factors. Factor scores differentiated suicidal from nonsuicidal adolescents & attempters from ideators. Correlational analyses indicated that inventory factors were associated with suicidal ideation, depression, & hopelessness, & predicted unique variance in suicidal ideation over that accounted for by depression & hopelessness. Findings provide support for the inventory as a sound measure for clinical & research assessment in adolescents. (22 refs.)