Year: 1992 Source: Springfield, IL: Charles C Thomas, 1992. 438p. SIEC No: 20020223

This book reviews theory & research published on suicide in the 1980s. Chapters include: the inheritance of suicidal inclinations; physiological factors in suicide; sex differences in suicide; childhood experiences & suicide; sociological theories of suicide; the reliability & validity of suicide rates; sociological correlates of suicide; the variation of suicide over time; multivariate time series & regional studies of suicide rates; meteorological correlates of suicide; the effects of social relationships on suicide; methodological issues; the suicidal act; the incidence of suicide; the method chosen for suicide; those who make repeated attempts at suicide; communication & the suicidal act; psychiatric disorder & suicide; medical illness; suggestion & suicide; suicide & aggression; the personality of suicidal people; suicidal types; other self-destructive behaviours; suicidal behaviour in lower animals; psychological theories of suicide; & conclusions.