Year: 1990 Source: BMJ, v.301, no.6747, (August 11, 1990), p.309-314 SIEC No: 20020100

This study evaluated the effects of lowering cholesterol concentrations on total & cause specific mortality in six randomised primary prevention trials. 24,847 male participants were included in the trials. Follow-up periods totalled 119,000 person years during which 1,147 deaths occurred. Mortality from coronary heart disease tended to be lower in men receiving interventions to reduce cholesterol concentrations compared with mortality in control subjects, although total mortality was not affected by treatment. There was a significant increase in deaths not related to illness (accidents, suicide, or violence) in groups receiving treatment to lower cholesterol concentrations relative to controls. Further investigation of the association between reduction of cholesterol concentrations & deaths not related to illness is warranted. (49 refs.)