Year: 1999 Source: Psychological Medicine, v.29, no.5, (September 1999), p.1131-1139 SIEC No: 20011574

In order to measure elements of culture conflict, 27 Asian women who had presented to hospital following attempted suicide were matched with a group of similar age Asian women attending GP surgeries for other reasons. A second comparison was between the Asian & 46 white attempters. When compared to Asian women attending surgeries for other reasons, Asian attempters were more likely have a history of previous suicidal behaviour, to have a psychiatric diagnosis, & be unemployed. In the second comparison, white attempters were more likely to have mental illness & were more likely to use alcohol as part of the method of attempted suicide. Asian attempters had experienced life events pertaining to relationships, took fewer tablets but expressed greater regret at surviving their attempt. (29 refs.)