Year: 1998 Source: Psychopharmacology Bulletin, v.34,no.1, (1998), p.117-121 SIEC No: 20011555

The principal focus of this article is the one-third of depressed alcoholics in this study who also abused cocaine & how the treatment response of these 17 patients compared with that of the 34 depressed alcoholics who did not abuse cocaine. During the study, no significant difference in treatment outcome was noted between the fluoxetine group (n=8) & the placebo group (n=9) for cocaine use, alcohol use, or depressive symtoms. In addition, no significant within-group improved was noted for any of these outcome variables in either group. Across the combined sample of 17 depressed alcoholic cocaine abusers, the mean Beck Depression Inventory score worsened slightly & 71% of the patients continued to complain of suicidal ideations at the end of the study. (30 refs.)