Year: 1991 Source: Trondheim, Norway: Tapir Forlag, 1991. p.147-155 SIEC No: 20011267

The purpose of this study was to compare the prevalence of DSM-III Axis I & DSM-III-R Axis II disorders among fibromyalgia patients with & without a lifetime history of parasuicide & to compare them to unipolar major depressed patients with & without a previous episode of parasuicide. 61 fibromyalgia patients & 40 patients with unipolar major depression participated in the study. Fibromyalgia patients with previous parasuicide behaviour had some Axis I & Axis II disorders significantly more often than fibromyalgia patients without a history of parasuicide, major depressed patients without a history of parasuicide, & patients with local pain & aches seeking physiotherapy. (26 refs.)