Year: 1999 Source: Archives of General Psychiatry, v.56, no.7, (July 1999), p.617-626 SIEC No: 20011186

General population survey data are presented on the lifetime prevalence of suicide attempts as well as transition probabilites to onset of ideation, plans among ideators, & attempts among ideators either with or without a plan. Risk factors for these transitions were also studied. Of the respondents (n=5877), 13.5% reported lifetime ideation, 3.9% a plan, & 4.6% an attempt. About 90% of unplanned & 60% of planned first attempts occurred within 1 year of the onset of ideation. All significant risk factors were more strongly related to ideation than to progression from ideation to a plan or attempt. Prevention efforts should focus on planned attempts because of the rapid onset & unpredictability of unplanned attempts. More research is needed on the determinants of unplanned attempts. (57 refs.)