Year: 1998 Source: Psychological Reports, v.83, no.1, (August 1998), p.234 SIEC No: 20010497

Diener, Diener, & Diener (1995) presented data from national surveys of the subjective well-being of 55 nations. Suicide & homicide rates (per 100,000 population) for 1979-1981 were available for 46 of the 55 nations. The mean subjective well-being of the nations was not associated with either suicide or homicide rates. Suicide rates were associated with the per capita income of each nation, the Gini index of social inequality, & a measure of individualism. In backwards multiple regressions, the suicide rate was predicted significantly only by per capita income. In this data set, national suicide & homicide rates were associated with economic indices & not with measures of subjective well-being. (2 refs.)