Year: 1999 Source: International Psychogeriatrics, v.11, no.4, (December 1999), p.385-397 SIEC No: 20010452

Ommoord District residents of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, age 55 & older, completed a two-stage interview to assess the risk factors for chronic disease & disability. The first stage was an in-home interview & the second stage included a physician interview & examination at the study centre. The lifetime prevalence of self-reported psychiatric disorders was 5.44% for unipolar & bipolar depressive disorders combined. Residents reporting a psychiatric diagnosis of depression were more likely to be currently taking an antidepressnt medication & an antipsychotic medication, to be in current outpatient treatment, to have been hospitalized for psychiatric illness, to have undergone electroconvulsive therapy, & to report a history of suicide attempts. The self-reported lifetime prevalence of affective disorders was similar to rates found in the Stirling County Study (Canada) & the Epidemiologic Catchment Area Survey (United States). (32 refs.)