Year: 1996 Source: International Psychogeriatrics, v.8, no.4, (Winter 1996), p.623-634 SIEC No: 20010449

301 patients were examined for suicidal plans during the acute hospital period following stroke & at 3, 6, 12, & 24 months follow-up. It was found that 6.6% of patients developed suicidal plans during the initial in-hospital evaluation & 11.3% of patients developed suicidal plans during the follow-up period. The development of both acute & delayed-onset suicidal plans was strongly related to the existence of depressive disorders, especially major depression & to a prior history of stroke. Data suggest the etiology of these 2 types of suicidal plans may be different with acute onset related to biological mechanisms & delayed onset related to psychological mechanisms. (41 refs.)