Year: 1991 Source: Proceedings of The Pavese Society Newsletter, v.3, (1991), p.1-11 SIEC No: 19910005

Brief biographies are provided of the following artists who committed suicide: Bassano, Bluemner, Borromini, Bruce, Cagamas, Dayes, DeStael, Elwes, Flanagan, Fuchs, Gerstl, Gillray, Gorky, Gros, Haydon, Kirchner, Kruyder, Kurzweil, Lawson, Lehnbruck, Le Moyne, Maurer, Mayer, Parmigianino, Pascin, Paulsen, Ricci, Rosso, Rothko, Sauce, Seymor, Tassaert, Testa, Tilson, Tinelli, Torrigiano, van Gogh, van Laer, Wiedewilt, deWitte & de Wolf. With the exception of Mayer, all of the artists were male.