Year: 2023 Source: Crisis. (2023). 44(3), 189–197. SIEC No: 20231355
Background: Better Off With You is a peer-to-peer, digital suicide prevention campaign pilot designed to challenge the idea of perceived burdensomeness; the schema experienced by many people contemplating suicide that they are a burden on others. Aims: To investigate the safety, acceptability, and initial effectiveness of the campaign. Method: This mixed methods pilot involved a general community sample (N = 157), from targeted sites within two Australian communities. Data were collected at baseline and after 1-week exposure to the campaign videos and website. Qualitative interviews were conducted with a subset of participants (N = 15). Results: Participants rated the campaign as highly engaging and relevant to local communities. In interviews, participants identified the campaign as being unique, safe, and impactful. Overall, exposure to Better Off With You did not result in any notable changes in perceived burdensomeness, psychological distress, or help-seeking. Limitations: The pilot involved a community sample. As such, outcome measurement scores were low at baseline. Conclusion: This pilot provides new insights about the safety, engagement and initial effectiveness of the Better Off With You campaign. Future research is needed to explore its impact on people experiencing suicidal ideation.