Year: 2023 Source: London, U.K.: The House of Commons. The Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee. (2023). 90p. SIEC No: 20231666

In this report, Chapter 2 first sets the terms of debate and then explores what the available data and other information can reveal about the incidence, prevalence and risks of poor mental health in England’s rural communities, including a focus on farming and  agriculture. Chapter 3 then examines the rates and risks of suicide in rural areas, particularly, in relation to agricultural and veterinary workers, and looks at relevant past performance and future plans for suicide prevention. Chapter 4 looks at the policies, plans and delivery of NHS, local and national government mental health and related services (alongside contributions from other bodies). Chapter 5 explores how DEFRA and the Government as a whole is taking account of rural mental health issues in wider policy and regulatory matters. Chapter 6 looks at the potential impacts of the Government’s “levelling up” agenda on rural areas.