Year: 2023 Source: Transgender Health. (2023). 1-5. DOI: SIEC No: 20231873

We assessed the association between gender identity disorder (GID) diagnosis and suicide in a retrospective case–control study (N=300,364) from nine health care systems between 2000 and 2015. Adjusting for age and sex, the odds ratio for GID was 18.6 (95% confidence interval 7.0–49.5). Adjusting additionally for comorbid psychiatric diagnoses, the odds ratio was 4.75 (1.78–12.68), higher than depressive (3.96, 3.64–4.31), alcohol use (3.42, 3.04–3.84), bipolar (2.42, 2.10–2.80), and psychotic disorders (1.44, 1.22–1.70). These U.S. data support prior research demonstrating increased suicide risk among patients with diagnosed GID, who may benefit from targeted screening and intervention within health care systems.