Year: 2023 Source: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. (2023). 20, 822. ijerph20010822 SIEC No: 20230281

The aim of this review was to understand the barriers and facilitators facing GPs and young adults in raising and addressing suicide in medical appointments. A mixed-methods systematic review was conducted of qualitative and quantitative studies. The focus was papers that explored barriers and facilitators experienced by young adults aged 18 to 26, and GPs working in primary care environments. Nine studies met the inclusion criteria. Four studies provided information on young adults’ views, four on GPs, and one considered both GP and young adults’ viewpoints. Nine barrier and seven facilitator themes were identified. Unique to this review was the recognition that young adults want GPs to initiate the conversation about suicide. They see this as a GP’s responsibility. This review further confirmed that GPs lack the confidence and skills to assess suicide risk in young adults. Both findings combined could explain previous results for reduced identification of suicide risk in this cohort. GP training needs considerable focus on addressing skill deficiencies and improving GP confidence to assess suicide risk. However, introducing suicide risk screening in primary care for young adults should be a priority as this will overcome the need for young adults to voluntarily disclose thoughts of suicide.