Year: 2023 Source: Rockville, MD: Center for Mental Health Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. (2012). 230 p. SIEC No: 20230205
Preventing suicide: A toolkit for high schools' was funded ... to help high schools, school districts, and their partners design and implement strategies to prevent suicide and promote behavioral health among their students. This information and tools in this toolkit will help schools and their partners: Assess their ability to prevent suicide among students and respond to suicides that may occur -- Understand strategies that can help students who are at risk for suicide -- Understand how to respond to the suicide of a student or other member of the school community -- Identify suicide prevention programs and activities that are effective for individual schools and respond to the needs and cultures of each school's students -- Integrate suicide prevention into activities that fulfill other aspects of the school's mission, such as preventing the abuse of alcohol and other drugs.