Year: 2023 Source: China CDC Weekly. (2023). 5(25), 547-553. SIEC No: 20231568
What is already known about this topic?Serious mental disorders (SMD) are significant risk factors for suicide, and individuals with SMD are crucial target populations for suicide prevention efforts. While numerous studies have examined the prevalence of suicidal behaviors among psychiatric inpatients, fewer reports have addressed the occurrence of such behaviors in community-based patients. What is added by this report?The prevalence of suicidal ideation, planning, and attempts among community-dwelling individuals with SMD was found to be 36.8%, 17.9%, and 15.0%, respectively. A significant association was observed between the severity of psychiatric symptoms and the presence of suicidal behaviors. Notably, patients within the 55–59 age range demonstrated the highest rates of both suicidal planning and attempts. What are the implications for public health practice?Particular attention to the risk of suicide is crucial, especially for community-dwelling individuals with SMD of middle age, those with religious beliefs, living alone, and exhibiting more severe depressive and psychiatric symptoms.