Year: 2020 Source: arXiv. (2005). 07473. v1 SIEC No: 20200448

Online Social Networks have become an important medium for communication among people who suffer from mental disorders to share moments of hardship and to seek support. Here we analyze how Reddit discussions can help improve the health conditions of its users. Using emotional tone of user publications as a proxy for his emotional state, we uncover relationships between state changes and interactions he has in a given community. We observe that authors of negative posts often write more positive comments after engaging in discussions. Second, we build models based on state-of-the-art embedding techniques and RNNs to predict shifts in emotional tone. We show that it is possible to predict with good accuracy the reaction of users of mental disorder online communities to the interactions experienced in these platforms. Our models could assist in interventions promoted by health care professionals to provide support to people suffering from mental health illnesses.