Year: 2023 Source: PLoS ONE. (2023). 18(8), e0289597. journal.pone.0289597 SIEC No: 20231909
Background Homosexual individuals are at high risk of suicide, but there is a shortage of data from developing countries to confirm this. Estimates on mental health and suicide risk among male homosexuals in Bangladesh are needed to generate awareness and to plan services accordingly. Method We assessed mental health and suicidal behavior of 102 self-identified homosexual males from a community-based organization that works with the sexual minority population. Results One-third of the participants (32.4%) had experienced attempted suicide, and almost half (47.1%) had a history of suicidal ideation and self-harm (40.2%). Compared to a heterosexual sample, homosexual males had poorer mental health as they scored higher on Beck Hopelessness Scale (Cohen’s d = 0.29) and General Health Questionnaire (GHQ) (Cohen’s d = 0.57). The results revealed positive correlations between self-harm, suicidal ideation and suicide attempt scores. Participants with history of suicide attempt, suicide ideation and self-harm reported worse general health, more social dysfunction, and severe depression than those without such history. Conclusion Suicidality and mental health conditions among homosexual males in Bangladesh have appeared to be alarming. Given the concerns, we offer some recommendations for practitioners and social workers who are serving this population in Bangladesh.