Year: 2023 Source: Crisis. (2019). 40(4), 287–293. SIEC No: 20231491
Background: Suicide is the leading cause of death in Korean adolescents and it exposes school teachers to the impact of student suicide. Aims: This study aimed to explore the bereavement experience of teachers following student suicide. Method: Using semistructured questions, five female teachers working at secondary schools in Korea were interviewed on their bereavement experiences. Data were analyzed using a phenomenological approach. Results: Participants described their experiences in dimensions of individuals and professions, yielding four major themes and 11 subthemes. They made efforts to learn about the suicide as a first step toward understanding. Participants suspended their grief in public owing to the atmosphere in their workplace. They aimed to tolerate the suicide and recognized their role anew in preventing student suicide. Conclusion: Following student suicide, bereaved teachers experience a variety of effects, dysfunctions, and adjustments as individuals and professionals. Their experience should be understood in both individual and collective ways in school settings and in the cultural context. The findings encourage school health providers to develop programs and policies to help teachers bereaved by student suicide.