Year: 2021 Source: Delaware Journal of Public Health. (2019). 5(3), 18-22. SIEC No: 20210685


This article examines suicidality of gender expansive youth and identifies evidence-based, practical interventions for healthcare professionals and other adults who interact with gender expansive youth.


Research methods included an interview, literature review, articles from peer-reviewed journals, and application of clinical experience. Based on the interview, a case study is included, which describes one transgender man’s suicidal adolescence and early adulthood. Following the case study, statistics are presented, and then theories are applied for deeper understanding of the etiology. The population studied included gender expansive individuals age 24 and younger from the United States. Literature on adult transgender suicidality, as well as recommendations for general populations, was also taken into consideration due to limitations in the research.


Gender expansive youth are at significantly heightened risk of suicide compared to their cisgender peers. Nonbinary youth are the most vulnerable of all subgroups.


Explicit recommendations for enhancing resilience for this population complete the article. More research is critical for this demographic, as current literature is severely limited.