Year: 2023 Source: AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, (November 2022: Washington DC), p. 309-318. SIEC No: 20231403
Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States. Caring Contacts (CC) is a suicide prevention intervention involving care teams sending brief messages expressing unconditional care to patients at risk of suicide. Despite solid evidence for its effectiveness, CC has not been broadly adopted by healthcare organizations. Technology has the potential to facilitate CC if barriers to adoption were better understood. This qualitative study assessed the needs of organizational stakeholders for a CC informatics tool through interviews that investigated barriers to adoption, workflow challenges, and participant-suggested design opportunities. We identified contextual barriers related to environment, intervention parameters, and technology use. Workflow challenges included time-consuming simple tasks, risk assessment and management, the cognitive demands of authoring follow-up messages, accessing and aggregating information across systems, and team communication. To address these needs, we propose design considerations that focus on automation, cognitive support, and data and workflow integration. Future work will incorporate these findings to design informatics tools supporting broader adoption of Caring Contacts.