Year: 2022 Source: Nursing Reports. (2022). 12, 77–89. 10.3390/nursrep12010009 SIEC No: 20220080

The number of deaths by suicide worldwide each year is more than 800,000 people, which is equivalent to one death every 40 seconds. Suicide prevention has been listed by the World  Health Organisation as a global imperative and has become a priority for global public health. This descriptive study describes and compares the intervention components included in the suicide prevention plans in the different provinces of Spain. We analysed the published documents through an extensive literature search and summarised the findings using descriptive content analysis. The search was carried out through the official websites of the government and health departments of each province in addition to consulting other official digital platforms such as the National Suicide Observatory, the World Health Organisation and the National Institute of Statistics. The results show the most relevant differences between the prevention plans, revealing that although all the activities included were related to the health sector, not all of them include prevention aimed at the general population level. We conclude that there is a lack of interventions related to the application of
universal prevention, while selective and indicated prevention are the most developed tools in Spain.