Year: 2021 Source: Military Psychology. (2021). Published 28 October 2021. DOI: 10.1080/08995605.2021.1962187 SIEC No: 20210773

Rates of Veteran suicide continue to be unacceptably high. Suicidal ideation and behavior are contextually and situationally based, limiting the ability of traditional prevention and assessment strategies to prevent acute crises. The Mobile Application for the Prevention of Suicide (MAPS) is a novel, smartphone-based intervention strategy that utilizes ecological momentary assessment to identify suicide risk in the moment and delivers treatment strategies in real-time. The app is personalized to each patient, utilizes empirically intervention strategies, and is delivered adjunctively to Veterans Affairs (VA) treatment as usual. This article outlines the MAPS intervention and presents results of an open trial to assess its feasibility and acceptability. Eight Veterans were recruited from aVeterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) psychiatric inpatient unit following hospitalization for either a suicide ideation or attempt. Veterans received MAPS for 2 weeks post-hospitalization. Veterans reported high levels of satisfaction with MAPS and all opted to extend their use of MAPS beyond the 2-week trial period. MAPS may be a useful adjunctive to treatment as usual for high-risk Veterans by allowing patients and their providers to better track suicide risk and deploy intervention strategies when risk is detected.