Year: 2022 Source: Death Studies. (2022). Published online 1 June 2022. 1-10. doi: 10.1080/07481187.2022.2081267. SIEC No: 20220638

We conducted an online survey with individuals bereaved by drug deaths (n = 115), suicide (n = 185) and sudden natural deaths (n = 103), including questions about anticipating the death vs. shock, other behaviors, established measures of mental health and grieving difficulties. Results showed more drug death bereaved anticipating their loved one’s death while suicide bereaved were more shocked. Death shocked respondents showed greater PTSD, other mental health, and grieving problems; those anticipating the death had less PTSD, grieving problems, and engaged in more meaning-making. These contrasting patterns should call for diverging clinical strategies in offering aid to these traumatically bereaved mourners.