Year: 2019 Source: Washington, DC: American Psychiatric Association Publishing. (2019). 347 p. SIEC No: 20190248

Evidence-Based Treatment Approaches for Suicidal Adolescents: Translating Science Into Practice┬ácombines state-of-the-art research and treatment development with clinical descriptions of evidence-based and evidence-informed treatment strategies for adolescents struggling with suicidality and self-harm. The book provides important information on clinical approaches that have shown promise in reducing the risk of suicide attempts and self-harm in teens and preventing the tragedy of premature death by suicide. Following two chapters on risk assessment and safety planning, six chapters present different approaches to psychosocial treatment. Although some approaches share common theoretical roots, and most address similar targets and mechanisms (e.g., restricting access to lethal means of self-harm, enhancing family support and functioning, and strengthening emotion regulation), each treatment modality has important differences and distinct strengths. The book’s final chapter addresses pharmacological strategies for managing and treating suicidality. This combination of information on risk assessment and management, safety planning, psychosocial treatment, and pharmacologic treatment reflects the perspective that psychosocial and biologically based risk and protective factors are increasingly recognized as crucial for improving the mental health of and outcomes for adolescents and their families.