Year: 2020 Source: Montreal, QC: McGill Faculty of Education. (2020). 32 p. SIEC No: 20200574

McGill’s Faculty of Education began a collaboration with the Canadian Mental Health Association, Ontario Division in 2018 to evaluate their Talk Today program. The present report details the Talk Today program designed by CMHA Ontario and is a comprehensive mental health program aimed at promoting and spreading awareness of mental health for young athletes. Additionally, the program includes evidence-based mental health and suicide-awareness workshops. The project objectives focused on the development and implementation of a mixed methods evaluation with athletes and staff from the Ontario Hockey League. Each of the original objectives are addressed in this report, and all but one of the objectives for Part A were successfully accomplished. Specifically, the objective of collection of qualitative data was not accomplished at the level anticipated. This was due to the difficulty of obtaining participants that was beyond McGill’s control.  However, despite this, the current sample was determined to be sufficient to complete the analysis. The present report also includes a detailed evaluation of the program, which includes i/ participant reactions to the program, 2/ participant acquisition and application of knowledge gained from the program, 3/ the benefits/outcomes related to program participation, and 4/ recommendations for the program. Lastly, the final section of this report details the future activities by the current team.