Year: 2023 Source: Crisis. (2020). 41(6), 437–444. SIEC No: 20231513
Background: Postvention services aim to support people bereaved by suicide and reduce the adverse impacts associated with suicide bereavement. StandBy Support After Suicide is a community-based suicide bereavement service that provides support and a coordinated response for people bereaved by suicide. Aims: We aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the StandBy service in reducing suicidality, grief reactions associated with suicide bereavement, and social isolation among clients. Method: A retrospective cross-sectional design using an online survey was used to compare StandBy clients with people bereaved by suicide who did not access the StandBy service. Results: Among people whose most recent loss to suicide was within the past 12 months, people supported by StandBy were significantly less likely to be at risk of suicidality, experience a loss of social support, and experience social loneliness compared with people bereaved by suicide who had not accessed the StandBy service. Limitations: Owing to the use of a cross-sectional design, it was not possible to determine changes over time. Conclusion: Postvention in the form of a community-based crisis intervention, at the time of or close to a suicide, is effective in reducing adverse outcomes associated with suicide bereavement, and an important aspect of suicide prevention.