Year: 2023 Source: BMJ Open. (2023). 13(7), e066201. doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2022-066201 SIEC No: 20231748
Introduction: The age-standardised suicide mortality rate in Thailand has been stable at a high level in recent years, highlighting the need for suicide prevention interventions. In Thailand, community involvement plays a key role in health promotion. The aim of this ongoing trial is to evaluate the efficacy of a community participatory intervention in two subdistricts in Thailand for reducing suicidality symptoms among individuals considered at high risk for suicide and compare the outcomes to two control subdistricts. Methods and analysis: In this cluster (subdistrict) randomised controlled trial, we randomised two districts to either the community participatory intervention arm or the control arm. From each district, we selected one large and one small subdistricts. We estimated that we need 235 participants per study arm, who were recruited from subdistrict health centres. The primary outcome is suicidality symptoms. Secondary outcomes are depression symptoms, quality of life, stress level and health and community service accessibility.