Year: 2023 Source: Health Science Reports. (2023). 6(7), e1396. SIEC No: 20231647
Background and Aims Our goal was to develop an online questionnaire to survey the prevalence of suicidal behavior. Methods We developed a questionnaire with 51 variables and proceeded with validations. Validations were performed using face validity, content validity, and construct validity. Reliability was performed by test−rest. Results The face validity was 1.0 and the content validity was 0.91. The exploratory factor analysis got Kaiser−Meyer−Olkin = 0.86 and extracted one principal factor. The confirmatory factor analysis demonstrates root mean square error of approximation = 0.000 and comparative fit index = 1.000. The test−retest had an intraclass correlated coefficient of 0.98. Conclusion The adequate development questionnaire was validated, and we have an instrument to survey suicide behaviors during the pandemic time.