Year: 2023 Source: TIJER - International Research Journal. (2023). 10(5), 468-472. SIEC No: 20231342
Suicide is one of the most serious social health issues that exists in today's culture. Suicidal ideation, also known as suicidal thoughts, refers to people's plans to commit suicide. It can be used as a suicide risk  measure. India is among the top countries among in the world to have annual suicide rate. Social networks have been developed as a first rate factor for its users to communicate with their interested buddies and  proportion their captions, photos, and videos reflecting their moods, emotions and sentiments. To increase and put in force a version which takes a facial expression images as an enter and symptoms. On the basis  of that it predicts the repute of that patient whether or not he/she has been detected or now not detected for depressed. We can train version using photographs & will use it for prediction. Image captioning can be  accomplished after prediction for higher visualization of report. We will also use text mining (NLP) technique to predict melancholy the usage of signs furnished with the aid of person. At final we are able to make final choice primarily based on above two techniques. To  generate detailed dashboard of user disease status and to design webapp for above system. We will use CNN algorithm for speed up detection of depressed character instances and approach to become aware of  high quality answers of mental health troubles. We suggest system learning method as an efficient and scalable technique. We document an implementation of the proposed method. We've evaluated the efficiency of our proposed technique the usage of a set of various psycholinguistic features. We show that our proposed method can extensively improve the accuracy and category blunders price.