Year: 2023 Source: Archives of Suicide Research. (2022). 1-14. DOI: SIEC No: 20231726

Objective: Despite being preventable, suicide remains a leading cause of death globally, with depression being one of the more prominent risk factors. This study examines the roles of social support and positive mental health in the depression-suicidality pathway.

Methods: We utilized data from the Singapore Mental Health Study 2016. Social support and positive mental health were examined as mediators in the relationship between 12-month depression and 12-month suicidality using survey-weighted generalized structural equation modeling.

Results: Overall positive mental health was found to partially mediate the relationship between depression and suicide. Of the discrete positive mental health domains, the depression-suicidality relationship was partially mediated by general coping and fully mediated by personal growth and autonomy.
While findings regarding social support were inconclusive, positive mental health may play a significant role in alleviating the effects of depression on suicidality. This highlights the multifaceted nature of suicidality and reveals positive mental health as a new area in assessing and treating at-risk people, to improve clinical outcomes.