Year: 2023 Source: Golden Meteorite Press. (2020). SIEC No: 20231882
The stresses Dr. Austin Mardon incurs during his misadventures in Antarctica and the USSR reach a boiling point, setting off a weekend-long psychotic bender that will change his life forever. Now, as a person with schizophrenia, Dr. Mardon must contend with having lost 50 IQ points, the fallout of his professional and personal life, and the misdirection of his delusions as he attempts to rebuild his empire from the ground up. Dark Night Cometh is the true story of Dr. Mardon’s comeback after being told he will never have a family, house, or job after being diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1992. Like a phoenix reborn, Dr. Mardon proves all of his naysayers wrong, culminating in an epic underdog tale chock-full of poetic awesomeness.