Year: 2022 Source: Denver, CO: Colorado Violence and Injury Prevention-Mental Health Promotion Branch. (2016). 25 p.. SIEC No: 20220004

The goal of Colorado’s plan is to prevent violence and injury across the state using innovative approaches that are based on the best available evidence. Partners in Colorado work to increase protective factors and reduce risk factors that most impact violence and injury related outcomes at all levels of the social ecology. The socioecological model is a framework for prevention that considers prevention strategies across multiple levels: individual, interpersonal/relationship, organizational, community, and society. Prevention strategies should include a continuum of activities that address multiple levels of the social ecology, as the potential to impact a broader population is greater when implementing prevention strategies at the community and societal levels. This model also considers the complex interplay between individual, interpersonal, organizational, community, and societal factors and stresses the examination of risk and protective factors within each level.