Year: 2023 Source: International Journal of Humanities, Law and Social Sciences. (2022). 9(1), 154-161. SIEC No: 20230535
In the COVID 19 epidemic, almost every Human Being on Earth is suffering from some other mental health problem whether it is due to Economical crises, loss of a job, domestic violence, someone close that is infected by  Coronavirus, or the recent death of loved ones due to Corona Virus. The pain of the loss of attachment or incapability to fulfill the hopes and desires of self or others leads to suicidal thoughts and self-destruction  tendencies. It is documented by the Four Noble Truths that self destruction is a type of experience that starts by wanting/sticking. neither we can escape from the “chakra of suffering” nor the suffering of suicide. This  review article will also look at the psychosocial factors precipitating suicidal tendencies and the relative literature regarding the prevention of the same. Several researchers have indicated the Buddhism principle on  general aspects such as only four noble truths, concentration, and/or meditation. From the present study, the Buddhist principles are divided into the following areas: 1) Buddhism toward suicide, 2) The suffering in  suicide, 3) Detachment from Clinging, 4) Four noble truths, 5) Eightfold paths in the prevention of Suicide, 6) Role of concentration in the abandonment of Suicidal thoughts, 7) Practice of meditation and mindfulness, 8)  Psychological  and Sociological cause behind suicide.