Year: 2023 Source: Baghdad Science Journal. (2023). 20(3 Suppl.), 1164-1181. SIEC No: 20231550
Despite improvements in the detection and treatment of severe mental disorders, suicide remains a significant public health concern. Suicide prevention and control initiatives can benefit greatly from a thorough comprehension and foreseeability of suicide patterns. Understanding suicide patterns, especially through social media data analysis, can help in suicide prevention and control efforts. The objective of this study is to evaluate predictors of suicidal behavior in humans using machine learning. It is crucial to create a machine learning model for detection of suicide thoughts by monitoring a user's social media posts to identify warning signs of mental health issues. Through the analysis of social media posts, our research intends to develop a machine learning model for identifying suicide ideation and probable mental health problems. This study will help immensely to comprehend the environmental risk factors that influence suicidal thoughts and conduct across time. In this research the use of machine learning on social media data is an exciting new direction for understanding the environmental risk factors that impact an individual's susceptibility to suicide ideation and conduct over time. The machine learning algorithms showed high accuracy, precision, recall, and F1-score in detecting suicide patterns on social media data whereas SVM has the highest performance with an accuracy of 0.886.